What we do

As a creative hub, our best bet is to be sustainable through digital content creation and creative products.

Siaya Magazine – Google AdSense and affiliate marketing provided an avenue for many digital writers to earn from their copy. We identified this as one of the avenues to help the youths become sustainable by us creating a magazine portal where they could post content and earn from it through monetization.

Siaya Culture Network – Luo has a rich culture. Siaya, being deeply rooted in the Luo culture, documenting would be a way for the youth to showcase their talents and share that culture globally through acting, dancing, and documentaries.

Siaya Sports – football and rugby are some of the most prominent sports in Kenya. According to statistics, 80% of the players of these two sports come from the western region of Kenya, with


Siaya strongly represented. We wanted to market the local league by showcasing their skills through recording matches and storing stats on their performance on our sports portal, www.siayasports.co.ke.

Siaya Crafts-Craftmanship can be used as a tool to keep the youths engaged. Since learning a craft takes a short time, we went ahead and involved the skillful education of soap and mat making using the locally available materials.

Ajawa Project – Ohangla is the native Luo genre. Close to 75% of ohangla artists are from Ugenya where our organization is based. We are privileged to work with the upcoming talent pool of musicians in Ugenya to promote them creatively. We came up with the Ajawa genre, a combination of ohangla and UK deep house promoting their talents globally.