We have been able to impact the youths in more ways than socio-economic ways. This impact is backed by a strong model that we believe in.

Individuals Impacted

Our Impact Model

Mobilize Youths & Teens

We utilize the power of social media groups, religious institutions, schools, and other areas to identify our members.

Conduct Self-Awareness Sessions

During these sessions, we help individuals gain some sense of self-awareness so that they can take full advantage and realize their potential. These sessions include

Financial Literacy Classes

Tackle Poverty through budgeting


Perform Personality Tests

Understand yourself, realize your potential


love Language Tests Sessions

We use this language to tackle GBV


Creative Type Tests By Adobe

Discover what type of team player you are.

Enrolling youths & Teens in our various projects

An individual that is self-aware deserves a chance to express their creativity and talent. We map the individuals who complete our sessions to projects that play within their strengths.